I don’t have a visa to work in the UK, how will this affect my chances of getting a job in the UK after Makers?

Every company is different. Some companies are already set up to sponsor visas, others are not, but might if they meet the right person.

Some companies will never be able to sponsors visas because of the onerous paperwork and cost involved (unfortunately).

It is not in Makers Academy’s control whether a company sponsors visas. Very few of our Hiring Partners do.

We’re not saying it’s impossible, but it’s considerably more difficult to get a job if you also need a visa. Some of our developers have secured visas in the past 18 months.

Some of our hiring partners are happy to sponsor visas for junior engineers; others can sponsor, but won't sponsor juniors; others might sponsor if they find the right person; others will absolutely not sponsor; and others are government departments, which have very strict rules about who they can hire.

All we can do is introduce you to Hiring Partners who already sponsor visas, the rest is on you.